Post buy Customer Service, Mosquito Magnet

I have to applaud the Mosquito Magnet Company (and not just for their lovely bug killing tool you know those nasty skeeters are Minnesota’s State bird right?) This is a company that believes firmly in post purchases customer care. They don’t just run away once they have your money, mosquito magnet repair is a great website that offers a full line of easy to access areas for help if you need repair.

I wish all companies subscribed to this same theory of repair and help. I once purchased an expensive but what I thought would be well worth it gas lantern for camping, and reading. Being a big girl scout who never left for camp as a kid or counselor without at least a backpack full of books, it made sense. Rather than burning through all those batteries, especially as an adult. I would just invest in a good gas lantern. Easy pease.

That was not to be, my expensive gas lantern only worked for two uses and than sputtered out. Now I was at camp, and didn’t have access easily to a phone. But we did have a nice internet connection. Well do you think they had internet help? Nope they sure didn’t. And in a technology age you would think that they would. I mean it really makes sense to me; doesn’t it make sense to you? But alas even trying to get a hold of them on the phone ended up being hard. So in the end I was a frustrated customer with a broken product, who will never purchase from them again.

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