Naughty Nauhty Myths

Okay I don’t usually look at this kind of content. But because of the naivety of some characters in some books I have read recently I had to have a little laugh and check this out for you guys. It’s like your own personal doctor Ruth. This website really is actually pretty cool. It covers a lot of the old wives tails, jumping up and down so you don’t get pregnant. Getting pregnant from a toilet seat or kissing. Yup those kinds of things and what makes me laugh even more is that even when I did ask a question no one answered. Most of what I learned about sex was online, in books and various other places. Not word of mouth.

Over although I think this new website would be helpful. They have some good knowledgeable answers and it’s easy to navigate. I think I would have gotten a lot better replies in my young life if I had a website like this versus the multitude of ones I had to swim though. So if you have questions, or no someone who does. Really head on over and check this site out. I promise you won’t be disappointed, really would I lie?

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