Musing Monday #38

Go to your bookshelf and pick a random book. No cheating now, just reach out and pick one. Now tell us about it – where did you get it? Why? Was it a gift? Does it hold any special memories? Did someone recommend it to you? etc.

Well first off, I have to shake a fist for making me go to my shelf and grab a book but I did go and do it like a good girl. I closed my eyes had a mountain of books fall down on me but I picked one out. And it is…

Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee .

Moreover, I honestly do not remember where I got it. However, I know I did not buy it. Therefore, it came from either my book-swapping site or a publisher or friend sent it to me. I am slightly embarrassed I cannot even remember where it is from but with close to 600 books on the TBR there is going to be a few I do not remember. It does not have any special memories, and I do not remember why I got it. However pulling it out of the shelf made me read the back and the first sentence and I am putting it on my pile of books to read for this month, so see something good came out of it.

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