Men’s Clothing

I don’t know about some of you ladies out there, but getting my husband to shop for anything new is like pulling teeth. I positively does not like to go shopping, or anywhere near stores with clothing. He also will not like to try on clothes on the rare chance I get him to the store for such an occasion.

Well I decided maybe if we did some shopping from home he would be a bit easier about it. He does after all know his sizes and for the most part fits them very well. And that’s where Jacamo comes in, they have small to Large Men’s Clothing and the choices really are fantastic.

The below double crease shirt is one of my favorites; it would be nice for any kind of outing you have, and for work. My hubby always kind of resists long sleeve dress shirts but when I showed him this one, he did actually like it and said he would wear it. He also liked that it was crease resistant which means less ironing, and a happier wife.

This pair of pants below is also another set I like. They are a nice cord jean and cut to a nice look. You could wear them for a dress casual event, or just out to dinner really. It sure would be nice to get the hubby to dress a little more than a bum when going out to see some friends at a BBQ!

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One thought on “Men’s Clothing

  1. Interesting!

    When it comes to men’s clothing the first thought which sparks in my mind is designer jeans. Anything will be suitable with designer

    jeans might be tees, shirts, jackets or blazers. Men in designer jeans look cool and handsome!

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