Humming Bird Feeders

Do you have a bird watcher in your family? I do, my grandma loves to watch birds. I have never been much on watching them, but she always has and I love watching her watch the birds. And my Grandma really does love Hummingbirds. So for Mother’s Day I got her this glass hummingbird feeder. I know it’s now well passed Mother’s Day, but I thought I should share a bit about it now since I have had time to see the feeder in action.

A humming bird feeder really is a fantastic and original gift that you can give to someone in your family. Humming birds are interesting birds, and I will admit I have taken a bit of joy in seeing when one of these little beaters comes to the feeder. Humming birds of course eat a nectar mixture instead of your usual bird food. I think you can make your own sugar mixture, but Grandma prefers to get the already made nectar, she says it works better. And really I think she’s right.

You can get several different kinds of nectar, and boy the little birds love it. They are such delicate pretty birds I am sure anyone you get a Hummingbird feeder for will get hours and hours of enjoyment out of it. I know my family sure has, and not just my grandma but everyone else in the family.

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One thought on “Humming Bird Feeders

  1. Hummingbirds are fun to watch! I live in Texas and I finally put my hummingbird feeders out on Memorial Day weekend. Within 10 minutes, I had hummingbirds coming to feed. They are fun to watch from my breakfast room window.

    Your Grandma is right! The store bought mixture is best to use as that is specially formulated to the hummingbirds’ digestive systems.

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