Here come the challenges…

It is that time of year again, where all the book bloggers out there start deciding which challenges they are going to take part of for the next year. I have to admit with all candor that the last few years I have majorly slacked off not only on my book blogging and blogging in general, but my challenges. There has been a lot of upheaval in my life, some of it beautiful and fantastic and some of it horrible and soul crushing. We all go through those times don’t we though?

I tend not to set resolutions for New years like many people do, instead I make myself a set of goals or I take a look at things that I have fallen down on that I really should get back up on. One of those things I have been looking at in the last few months is blogging and more to the point of this blog of course book blogging. I love blogging, I love reading, I love posting my reviews even if no one but me sees them, I enjoy keeping a record of what I am reading. I have been doing it since 2008 after all. I used to celebrate my blogversery as well, perhaps that should be added into my new goal of dedication. Alas, I digress I am heading down one of my lack of sleep induced rambles, sorry about that!

Reading challenges and 2017 goals and dedications! While I may not have kept all of my goals for 2016 (lets face it we all are going to start referring to this last year as the year that shant be named) I did keep a few of them. One of my biggest goals was NOT to beat myself up if I fell down on reading challenges or even on blogging reviews. I tend to be very hard on myself when I don’t do those things and honestly that needed to change. When you are to hard on yourself after all you tend to suck the fun out of things.

Reading should be fun. Blogging about reading should be fun. So I am very glad that I kept that goal, even better now here as we move towards 2017 I am feeling energized to blog again. The new name and theme of my book blog has energized me in so many ways not the least of all because part of it is a tribute to a stunning beautiful artistic soul that left this plane in 2016. The creative juices are flowing again!

I know, you are probably thinking come on Ambrosia get to the challenges already you are prattling on like this is a year end post. I did warn you sleep deprived ramble could happen. So here, finally my challenges for 2017. I may find some other ones in the coming months (never to late to start right?) but this year I am tending towards the ones I have been doing the last few years. I am determined that sometime in the next few years I will complete ALL of the challenges I sign up for. In the meantime my big goal for 2017 aside from continuing to be kind to myself and be better about my blog dedication, is to work on my physical TBR. I would say my entire TBR but at least the kindle TBR is all in one easy small place, and not taking up hoards of room and giving me the occasional bad dream about being stuck under a heavy book case that fell over.

I then plan on taking part of the other challenges I have for the last few years (I have taken part in TBR ones ) I am also thinking about possibly creating a challenge of my own. I know I don’t have long to think about it. But I am still thinking about that one. So the other challenges.

2017 Alphabet Soup Challenge
2017 Witches & Witchcraft Challenge
2017 Historical Fiction challenge (still looking for which one)
2017 Paranormal Challenge (formerly Reading Bites)

All of my 2016 and 2017 Challenge info can be found on the Challenge page. I am slowly gathering together what I am going to fo this year..and if I chose to do my own..of course I will make an announcement.

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