Heavenly Reed Diffusers and Body Scrubs

So with as stressful as times can be right now, my friends and I have been looking for ways to distress. Especially while reading, because after all reading is supposed to be relaxing, and if you cant relax what’s the point. I love scents; anyone who knows me knows how much I love scents. So I thought I would do a little search for some reed diffusers, and bath products. I found this great website with the best best body scrub.

They have a wide array of yummy scents, and even yummier products for relaxing. They have a reed diffuser set called Champagne, which is just positively yummy. I set it out while I have been reading my current book the Boleyn Inheritance, and maybe it’s just my active imagination, but its helping me feel like I am more a part of the book. Is that silly? I don’t really think so; scents are a big way to transport you really…

If you’re looking for a fun bath and body company I would check that website out, I think it was a great find on my searching. And I am pretty picky myself over my smells, and all my other bath and body choices. I get laughed at a lot by the old drummer boy who says I could probably scent a whole country with my collection of smells. But he also didn’t disagree with the website I found when I showed him some of the body oils. Typical male right? That’s okay though, I like that kind of stuff too because it softens your skin, and with the Minnesota winter I can really use some skin oil to soften it up. We have yet another winter weather warning out right now. Its march, why can’t the weather go away. Rain and thunderstorms I could take but this snow and sleep needs to go. I think its time to go set my champagne reed diffuser up again and settle down and relax.

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