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So its time for a little book break and time for me to give you something useful to look at. This one is aimed at my readers over in the UK and it’s a really cool site. Auto Net insurance is a great car insurance company. It helps you easily get insurance, and takes just about any car you can think of.

They have a special running right now that offers up to 70% off new policies. This is pretty unbeatable if you ask me. They price and check 40 of the UK insurance companies so they stay competitive in their pricing and allow you to do some side by side comparisons. Another great feature is that they have a 24 hour a day hassle free claim service via the phone.

I know my step mom from England has had to file some claims and she says she would have loved to do it easily over the phone when she was able to do it. They do have focus on commercial insurances so you do need to know that. But with the economy like it is I know a lot more people going into business for themselves all over the world. So why not get that car booked as commercial and look into some great insurance.

You can check it out here:Van Insurance

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