Friday Finds: #7

Okay so I was watching The Today Show, and Heard about this book. I promptly went out and added it to all of my Wish lists! So my Friday Find Is:

“Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom.”

“I put an educational DVD on so I could have sex. It wasn’t with my husband.”

Romi Lassally provides a judgment-free zone where women can reveal their mommy misdemeanors. From not feeling like cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night, to barking something completely inappropriate to the children, to wanting to be pawed by hands that aren’t covered in jelly, the confessions pour in daily.

Heartfelt and hilarious, naughty and nasty, frank and outrageous, the confessions culled together for this book represent the best—or the worst?—of those humbling hidden secrets of motherhood in all its glorious messiness as improvisation and triage. They dare to suggest that it’s okay for moms to make mistakes, to have unkind thoughts, to publicly or privately embarrass themselves—and above all to be human.

About the Author
Romi Lassally is the co-creator of the popular website and the founding editor of the Lifestyles section of The Huffington Post

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