Equestrian Singles

Alright, I don’t need this service *laughs* I will admit that I am happily settled and taken. But if I did, this website is very neat. Especially if you’re a horse person. There is no secret that I myself am a bookie and a horse person that is how it is; I have often been caught reading while riding.

I have to say this site is different because it is focused on people who already have one common thread horses. They actually have a topic of “favorite type of riding.” that is fantastic for horses people. Although I firmly believe mixed relationships of English and Western can go together.

But seriously if you’re a horse person and you’re on the singles market think about checking this website out. If I was single I would be checking it out, it’s easy to navigate and friendly place to be. Focused on the wants and thoughts for horse people you really can’t go wrong.

They even boast some other services. Like horse greeting cards, and horse related blogs. You can get all of your horse related needs in one spot. It makes it a lot easier than trolling around on all the miscellaneous (and often not friendly) horse forums and websites. Best of all the sign up is free. So give the following links a little click or two and check it out, You dont wanna miss the FREE sign-up over at equestrian cupid.

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