Charter Giveaway a day

Okay this isn’t in my personal contests but it’s a great contest so it really needs to be talked about. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about it. Charter is doing an HDTV a day giveaway. And with the big digital switch coming up how can you miss doing this? You can’t.

Now the key to this of course is that you have to be a new or upgrading customer for charter communications. But if you do sign up on their easy to use website you get a chance to win a 22 inch HDTV flat screen every day in April. That’s pretty easy isn’t it? Just go on the website and build a service bundle to your needs. It saves you money by getting the channels you want and use versus ones you won’t ever use. They have a great grand prize on top of the daily drawings as well. It’s an LCD 52 inch HDTV. It has a home theatre system and a year of free digital cable service.

If you’re a current customer you will need to order cable, high speed or add a telephone line and you will be entered upon installation. New customers it’s pretty much the same thing but you don’t need to worry about the upgrade. Charter runs a lot of great promotions as a company last year they gave away game systems and laptops, even a car. So head on over and check it out!



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