Caller Id Spoofing

I have been doing some research on different caller id hiders, and similar lately. I know it seems like a funny pass time but really it is mostly because of the issues with my step mom. Anyone who knows me knows that lady has made it virtually impossibly to call my dad and talk to him. Thanks to caller id. She sees it’s me calling and can just hang up the phone or ignore it. So while I was looking I found this website, I thought maybe it would be some good information for some of my other book friends out there.

For those that never heard with Caller ID Spoofing you can change what shows on the Caller ID. Spread this link as many places as you can. is now offering Free Unlimited 2 minute ad-supported Spoof Calls.

Free Spoofing

Scale Sales

Looking for a cool way to weigh your books? Don’t laugh I know a few people who are doing book challenges based on how many pound of books they weigh. Or another good thing I use food scales for, I have a cat on a special diet and have to weigh out her meat portions for her raw diet. Check out this great scale website.

food scales

Web hosting research

I have been thinking about getting a proper domain for the blog. Some catchy book title, to direct people here and get even more traffic than we have already been getting. Traffic is getting bigger, thank you readers! So it is time to start doing a little bit of research on the matter. There are SO many web hosting companies; it’s hard to know where to start. I came across this site in my search.


They make it to easy to decide what company you want to use for hosting! They offer an easy layout to use, with easy to understand rating system. They are an independent company so you don’t have to worry about them serving the needs of one particular server.

I found it very useful for my purposes that they had everything nicely put into categories, and they also had a list of award sites from 2008. I spent a lot of time looking over the Blog hosting sites in the award section for our purposes here at Fire & Ice. So If your thinking about moving web hosts, or looking for a new one. Check out this company for some ratings information. They include consume comments, ratings, and prices from a lot of web hosts. I defiantly got all the information I needed to do proper research on my choices.

Movie People check it out..

I have been posting many fan vids lately, and of course, we have New Moon coming out soon. Yay! Therefore, I thought I would post a little link about making your own movies. is a cool website where you can burn your own DVD’s to their service for download, set your price and away people can go to buy. Living in Minneapolis I know we have a large scene for indie films, and I think many people could appreciate this very cool service. So pop over and check it out.

Heavenly Reed Diffusers and Body Scrubs

So with as stressful as times can be right now, my friends and I have been looking for ways to distress. Especially while reading, because after all reading is supposed to be relaxing, and if you cant relax what’s the point. I love scents; anyone who knows me knows how much I love scents. So I thought I would do a little search for some reed diffusers, and bath products. I found this great website with the best best body scrub.

They have a wide array of yummy scents, and even yummier products for relaxing. They have a reed diffuser set called Champagne, which is just positively yummy. I set it out while I have been reading my current book the Boleyn Inheritance, and maybe it’s just my active imagination, but its helping me feel like I am more a part of the book. Is that silly? I don’t really think so; scents are a big way to transport you really…

If you’re looking for a fun bath and body company I would check that website out, I think it was a great find on my searching. And I am pretty picky myself over my smells, and all my other bath and body choices. I get laughed at a lot by the old drummer boy who says I could probably scent a whole country with my collection of smells. But he also didn’t disagree with the website I found when I showed him some of the body oils. Typical male right? That’s okay though, I like that kind of stuff too because it softens your skin, and with the Minnesota winter I can really use some skin oil to soften it up. We have yet another winter weather warning out right now. Its march, why can’t the weather go away. Rain and thunderstorms I could take but this snow and sleep needs to go. I think its time to go set my champagne reed diffuser up again and settle down and relax.

Ohio Property Company

So it’s that time of morning again when I am thinking about real estate, and a favorite line from the patriot comes to mind, “Tell me about Ohio”. So yes I am talking about Ohio, this company here Real Property is a cool company in Ohio that manages all over the state. Their website boasts managing units, single family homes ect. They have a 2008 honorable mention award too, over all I think its pretty cool and put it in the keeper pile with tell me about Ohio Real Estate. The weather has to be better than Minnesota right? So if you’re in Ohio, or thinking about Ohio give that link a click and check it out.

Working Capital Company

So I thought I would offer a little linky link to anyone who has a business and needs some working capital, I know a lot of us book types are stay at home workers, or the like. So it never hurts to share a few little tricks of the trade right? This link here factoring invoices does a lot of services, that might help. The Invoice factoring is really cool, and a useful service. I suggested it to my dad for his cleaning company and he’s going to be looking into it. I also passed it off to another friend of mine who works for a bigger company, in today’s economy services like invoice factoring could be very useful.

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