So this summer I plan to do a lot more biking, and walking and things that will take me away from my library and so away from my books. I asked myself but how can I keep on top of my reading while I do this? I mean you all know how I am an addict to my books it would be a shame to miss out on quality reading time because I am going outdoors more. Enter! It offers a monthly subscription rate of $24.95 a month, which I find very affordable considering it is the price of one new hardback and you get a lot more value packed in. let’s you download Audio books for your Ipod or other Mp3 player easily. They have all the best sellers you could imagine and just an overall big variety of books.

Now if the ability to download as many audiobooks as you want for that monthly fee wasn’t enough, this site has another perk that sold me totally on it. I found a few other Audiobook sites that had comparable pricing and the downloading, what it did not have was the ability to download books in text to your kindle as well. I love the dual purpose of this site and the fact that there is well over 10,000 titles that you have access too. If you want to try it out before you buy it the site offers a Free seven day trial where you can download and listen to as many of the books that they offer as you want. If your someone that is new to using a subscription website or audiobooks in general (like me to both!) it is a great way to try it out make sure you love the offerings and how the service works before committing to the contract. There is also a feature where you can choose to download one book at a time instead of a subscription if you only plan on listening to a book once in a while. Overall I think if you try it, you will like it, a great tool for any reader.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Quotes are an important thing in this day in age. There is no reason to settle and get something for just the price your given by one agency. Life insurance is of course an important thing but you want to make sure that you’re getting the most competitive plan for the most competitive price available to you. So the best way to do that of course is to check out what kinds of policies are being offered to you out there. There are a lot of insurance companies, and a lot of things to go over. So take your time and check it out. Compare everything and get the best price and policy for you.

Awesome New Year Giveaway..

If you like software stuff you really have to check out this give away listedhere at Software Critics .

Below is a full list of what you will win by visiting the site and entering the contest pulled from the site itself! Check it out!

One Snap-A-Bug Pro Account for one (1) year valued at $228US courtesy of, a Visual Customer Support provider. More about this service will be discussed in the upcoming days or you may visit them at for more details.

One of VisualCron business/commercial license plus 1 year maintenance support worth $197US courtesy of VisualCron. You may read Automate Windows tasks with few clicks for more information.

One of two (2) SyncMate Personal licenses worth $39.95US each courtesy of SyncMate. Read SyncMate Helps You Sync Your Mac to Multiple Devices to know more about this tool.

One of five (5) Laptop Alarm software usable for both personal and commercial use courtesy of LAlarm worth $50US each. Read Software to Protect Laptops from Being Stolen for more info.

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One of three (3) Windows Automation software Professional licenses worth $199US each courtesy of Read more about it via this post, No More Repetitive Tasks with WinAutomation.

One of two (2) IP Privacy software licenses (one year subscription license) worth $39.95US each courtesy of IP Privacy Pro. Learn more by reading Online Anonymity and Privacy Protection Offered by IP Privacy.

New Book Release Coming Soon

Check this out there is a new book coming out, and you might be interested in it. I am always happy to tell people about new books coming out. And this one is no exception here comes some more information:

From the author of ‘Dry’, ‘Running With Scissors’, ‘Wolf at the Table’ and ‘Magical Thinking’ is the latest offering from the viciously funny Augusten Burroughs

, ‘You Better Not Cry’ from St. Martin’s Press:

Augusten Burroughs has, and in this caustically funny, nostalgic, poignant, and moving collection he recounts Christmases past and present-as only he could. With gimlet-eyed wit and illuminated prose, Augusten shows how the holidays bring out the worst in us and sometimes, just sometimes, the very, very best.

They are having a giveaway for it as well! Book Giveaway

New Jersey Attorney At Law

So not that I am thinking about the possibility but I know sadly sometimes there is no choice but to get divorced. I am the child of a divorced home, and my husband has been divorced. Sometimes there just is no choice so make sure you get a good lawyer here is a fantastic set of New Jersey divorce lawyers

Having approximately 50 years of experience in family and divorce law, Weinberger Law Group will help you through these legally difficult and emotional times. Let Weinberger Law Group New Jersey divorce lawyers guide you through the complicated process of divorce.

Modern Furniture

While I haven’t been feeling well I have also been looking at some links. And this one came across my desk to look at Modern Furniture. And I can tell you if I was going to be redecorating anytime soon this is defiantly a place I would want to buy from. They have absolutely fantastic contemporary furniture. They have everything you could think of from sofas to loveseats dining room and bathroom. Any furniture that you can choose from. They ship all over the USA and they also ship to Canada so head on over and give them a look I highly recommend it.

Flea Control

It is summer time. And summer time also means that it is time to do flea and tick control on your animals. As someone who has cats, and dogs myself I know how important this issue is. I have been lucky that I have never had fleas in my house. KNOCK ON WOOD! But I know people who have had fleas, and I know what a pain in the rear end they can be. So much sure you’re checking out some sites they have great tips. You want to be careful with the products you use and always fully research them. But mostly take care of the problem. Don’t just sit back and assume it won’t happen to you.

GM and other companies

What do you think of the way some businesses are making their way in the economy today? With the Generational Equity, and the selling of bits and pieces of companies? I myself I am on the fence if I am perfectly honest. Part of me says it is a bad thing that a company should stay together and finds a way to make it work as a whole. And yet the other part of me says you do what you have to do. Is the selling of bits of a company really any different than when a family has to tighten their belt? And they liquidate some of their own assets? I don’t suspect it’s really too much different. So perhaps this is just a case of a necessary evil.

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