So this summer I plan to do a lot more biking, and walking and things that will take me away from my library and so away from my books. I asked myself but how can I keep on top of my reading while I do this? I mean you all know how I am an addict to my books it would be a shame to miss out on quality reading time because I am going outdoors more. Enter! It offers a monthly subscription rate of $24.95 a month, which I find very affordable considering it is the price of one new hardback and you get a lot more value packed in. let’s you download Audio books for your Ipod or other Mp3 player easily. They have all the best sellers you could imagine and just an overall big variety of books.

Now if the ability to download as many audiobooks as you want for that monthly fee wasn’t enough, this site has another perk that sold me totally on it. I found a few other Audiobook sites that had comparable pricing and the downloading, what it did not have was the ability to download books in text to your kindle as well. I love the dual purpose of this site and the fact that there is well over 10,000 titles that you have access too. If you want to try it out before you buy it the site offers a Free seven day trial where you can download and listen to as many of the books that they offer as you want. If your someone that is new to using a subscription website or audiobooks in general (like me to both!) it is a great way to try it out make sure you love the offerings and how the service works before committing to the contract. There is also a feature where you can choose to download one book at a time instead of a subscription if you only plan on listening to a book once in a while. Overall I think if you try it, you will like it, a great tool for any reader.

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