Booking Through Thursday 11/12/15

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What book (or books) from your childhood do you think about most often? That had the most effect on your life?

Gads, I read so many books when I was younger so it is hard to remember them all. With that said, there are some that were indeed standing out for me. The first being the Three Billy Goats Gruff. This was the very first book I can remember reading and the copy I had was very old at the time I got it. I think it was my Great Grandma Doris’s copy, but I could be wrong about that. It is a story I still love today.

Next would have to be Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer of course. These were the first books that I can fully remember wanting to crawl inside and live in the world for a time. The adventures and the history I just loved it! Oh yes, sure some course language and stuff that is still not polite to say today but the stories were wonderful. On top of that to those who poo poo about the language, yes, it is bad, however, Huck Finn goes against the general mind set of the day with Jim. He loves Jim, Jim is his friend so there.

Next up would be the entire Black Stallion series for me. Another set of books that I wanted to crawl inside of because I wanted to have The Black! I also wanted to have Flame! Now that I am writing about it, I want to read the series again, I can see my first 2016 challenge for myself on the horizon! The Black Stallion series truly cemented my deep love of the Arabian horse. They are such stunning animals and will always be my favorite.

Last but not least I will say Trinity. I know I have mentioned it before and I know I just re-read it again recently there is a reason for that. This was my first very adult very graphic novel and it will stay with me forever. The struggle that goes on in Trinity, the nitty gritty detail of the Irish trying to fight for survival and freedom. It is just an emotional experience. It was not the blood and gore that stuck with me, but the emotion and feeling, the struggle. Really plucked something inside of me.

So there you have my BTT answer hope it did not bore you.

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