Book Review: Vampire Meltdown (Night Angels #7) by Storm Savage

Zoe—torn between worlds. Is Booker the man she loves or the enemy she fears? While suffering from Acute Stress Syndrome, she forgets everyone connected to her pain and returns to the dark world of stripping again.

Flashbacks confuse her and anxiety sets in as she struggles to discover who or what she is. Brief visions of men from her past spark her desire for revenge. Her potent craving for blood is strong, but the need for justice is stronger. She doesn’t understand why she feels the way she does, but has no desire to stop it. She likes wielding power over men—teasing them—killing them.

Will Zoe’s quest for vengeance lead her to the right man before she makes a fatal mistake

Lesson one learned from this book, not always good to start on book 7 of a series. Lesson two wow that is a short book, something like 77 pages?

Other then being fairly lost on how a Vampire can forget what they are (sounds bad) the book was okay. Zoe is an interesting character and one that I feel could be developed further. I know I am sure I missed some of her development because I came in so late in the series but I do think she has a ways to go. The premise though is solid, she is a strong and curiously interesting character. The writing is solid and flows well enough to keep me interested. While it is not my favorite Vampire book of all time, it was worth while to read it and for pure hot appeal it gets good marks. I always love a little bit of hot Vampire story to pass the time.

My Gemstone Rating:


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