Book Review: The Conquered Shore (Lodestone #5) by Mark Whiteway

Following a momentous journey across space, two groups of Helvenans are locked in a struggle for survival on the strange, virgin planet they have named Kelanni.

Their long journey over, the exiles from the planet Helvena must now carve out a new existence. But the stain of war still blights the two factions – the hubbers with their strict caste system, now enforced by the new, fearsome keltar in their flying cloaks, and the free community of rimmers. On an alien world beset by unknown dangers and complex life forms they must find a way to come together…or be destroyed.

“This is the fifth book in Mark Whiteway’s beautifully crafted Lodestone series”

In the fifth instalment of the Lodestone series the long journey from the exiles of planet Helvena is over. What happened during war however leaves a mark that still haunts everyone. The Hubbers still must follow their strict caste system that is now enforced by the keltar.

Just when you think a series can’t get any better it comes out of left field with the next instalment and shows you that it can indeed still get better. This book is full of the excellent writing I have come to expect in this series along with the plot lines and twists that keep your brain on high alert. I simply love that in the course of reading this book you can’t take time to get passive about the story. If you get passive you may miss something and in all the action and complex plot you don’t want to miss something. Not a single moment. This is science fiction at its best

My Gemstone Rating:


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