Book Review: The Icecutter’s Daughter by Tracie Peterson

Release Date: March 1st 2013
Merrill Krause longs for a family of her own, but she’s bound by a promise to her dying mother to care for her father and older brothers until they no longer need her. She enjoys being part of the family business, harvesting ice during the brutal Minnesota winters. Merrill actively takes part, possessing a keen ability to work with the horses–despite the advice of her good friend, who disapproves of her unladylike behavior.

This book had me at Minnesota. I am homesick for the state that I was born and raised in so I was more than happy to settle into a book that had familiar surroundings for me, even if they were in the end of the 1800’s. While those who know me know that I am not a huge Christian Fiction reader I do enjoy some stories and authors and Tracie Peterson is one of them, she really did draw me into The Icecutter’s daughter from the get go.

Merrill Krause is the only daughter in a family where her Mother passed and she is tasked with taking care of her Father and Brothers. She is more comfortable out in the barn with the horses then doing her hair or picking out fabric for dresses. In short for me Merrill is a Lady who is just like me in many senses so of course I like her right off. I in fact like the whole of the Krause family and everything about them a good strong German Minnesotan family.

Rurik is a tall Swede from Kansas who comes to Minnesota to help his Uncle due to failing health. He is also a loveable character, honorable, strong and a gentleman. It is no surprise when he sets his eyes to Merrill and she to him. I won’t ruin the story by giving away many of the trials that the pair must face, but there are many and they are well written. Everything in this book flows along nicely and lends itself to be a fast and heart warming read.

My Gemstone Rating:


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