Book Review: The Black Stallion’s Mystery By Walter Farley

A horrible trap is set for Alec and his horse…

Alec,The Black, and Henry are out on an adventure… once again!!

Alec is baffled by three colts that arrive for sale from Spain. They look so much like his horse, that Alec is sure they have the same sire.But that wonderful stallion died years ago in Arabia. Or did he?In search of the answer Alec and the Black begin a dangerous journey.
In spain they meet the colts’ eccentric owner, Angel Gonzalez, who takes them to a remote mountian stronghold of anb Arab sheik. The sheik insists he’s seen the Black’s sire running free, in the mountains. And he wants Alec and the Black to catch him.Yet Alec is suspicious. He thinks the whole story is nothing more than an elaborite plot to lure him and his horse to this desolate place-but why??
You have to have read the first book in the series to know who Tabari is and if you don’t then, you wouldn’t get the whole book.

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