Book Review: Perfect Day by Imogen Parker

On a perfect spring morning, Alexander catches a train into London, but never reaches work. Instead, he spends the day with Kate, a waitress he met the night before. Such a perfect day, Nell goes to the seaside, hoping that the sea air will blow away the doubts she has about her life. As Nell ponders why falling in love is so different from loving someone, Alexander allows himself to imagine leaving his old life behind and starting afresh. And by a strange turn of fate, there’s an opportunity to do just that.

Honestly I almost didn’t finish this one. I really was looking forward to reading this one, and the book let me down. The writer’s style is chopping and confusing. Right off you’re a bit lost as to what’s going on, and the book just does not grab you. To me the characters are just unlikable. And over all it’s just a dragging book. I will have to be forgiven for a short review but honestly there is not much to say. The book had a weak style and unlikable characters, it was not enjoyable.

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