Book Review: About Face by Robert Levin & Steve Weiss

ABOUT FACE is an introspective tale of love, hate, and the uncommon, spirited relationship that envelops the turbulent lives of Travis and Damion Face. Victims of their widowed father’s abuse, teenagers Travis and Damion meet, and vow to help, Lincoln Calloway, a young African American who suffers similar mistreatment. Unfortunately for the Face brothers, this is not an easy path, and the results are not what they had planned.

This book is well written and full of emotion. But over all it did not end up appealing much to me. It could have been my reading mood or perhaps I just didn’t click with the material. I do not hold the author at fault at all for my not liking the book. It is fast paced and very human. It has some very witty points as well. If you usually like this genre of book I would give it a read.

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