Book Review: Fashion Unraveled by Jennifer Matthews

*Blows the dust off her blog and smiles* Happy erm Belated new year all, I have explaining to do. I know, but I will do that later..for now. I want to introduce you all to a FANTASTIC new book.

As an educator at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (San Francisco & LA), Jennifer Lynne Matthews, recognized that there was a need for a step by step educational manual to teach her students on how to start their own business. Consequently, Matthews wrote the first edition of Fashion Unraveled in 2008 to provide such educational material; the second edition is due out in early 2011. Matthews, also a lingerie designer and entrepreneur, began her path in the fashion industry in 1994. She attended Florida State University, then the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, completing her degree in 1999. With a specialization in intimate apparel, Matthews began working in the industry as a stylist and freelance designer.

In 2002, Matthews opened her own business, Porcelynne Lingerie. Fashion Unraveled is built on Matthews’ experience in both opening and sustaining a successful business. She brings the knowledge of running a small business and her expertise in the industry into her book and it continues into her classroom teaching.

Matthews has won numerous awards for her designs and has received worldwide accolades for her work, including the Best of the East Bay and the Best of San Francisco Mastermind awards for her lingerie designs. Her most recent project has been on a reality TV show (currently being pitched to networks) as a co-producer and fashion consultant for a lingerie design competition show.

Future plans include authoring a collection of books on lingerie design, draping and clothing construction. She also aspires to open a showroom and education studio in the garment district of Los Angeles.

For more information on Jennifer Matthews and her work, see and

If you like fashion an learning about it this book is for you. Do not get wrong this is not a shopaholic style book or any of that. This is an honest book about Fashion from someone in the industry. Who better to tell the store than someone who is actually in the industry. So if you are into learning about fashion and curious at the point of view I would read this one for sure.

I would also make sure you keep an eye and ear out for the TV show the author is pitching to networks. I am always for another fun show that goes along with a book that I enjoy and this is one of them. You must get this book!

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