Book Review: A rogues proposal by Stephanie Laurens

Demon Cynster has seen love bring other men to their knees and he wants no part of it. That is, until he meets the enchanting Felicity Parteger, who wants to marry and become a mother. Although passion runs high on both sides, Felicity knows Demon is not one to surrender his freedom Oh another Cynster marries, thankfully he realizes this by chapter two. And, unlike Devil his older cousin, Demon was willing to fall and admit to falling by the end of the book. Love Flick for her willingness to follow danger and leave Demon to catch up, not to mention her quick friendship with twins. And yes I know this review may not help unless you LOVE the Bar Cynster’s and their entire crazy, overbearing, protective, possessive family members, including the beautiful, darling, amazing, adventurous and protective Females

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