Book Blogger Hop 7/2-7/8/21

Book Blogger Hop by Coffee Addicted Writer

July 2nd – 8th – Have you ever searched out theme songs for your favorite books? (submitted by Julie @ JadeSky)

Hello new weekly meme, who is this? I am working on getting back into blogging more and I thought adding a new meme to the list would be a good way to work on that. So here we are I found the Book Blogger Hop.

Okay, this is a cool question because not only am I a big time reader, but I love music. I am always making little song lists in my head and such for books I really enjoy. I have gone searching on some books as well to see if the Author perhaps made a playlist or theme song.

Of course, I am that person who also sometimes wishes we all had our own personal theme songs in life. There are so many moments that are just made better by music. I would say that can apply to books as well. So why not see if the author has a theme song, and if they don’t why not find one for yourself?

Yay for music and books!

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