A note about the advertising..

I know there have been a lot of advertising posts in the last few days. And if that irritates some of you I do apologize, but let me tell you why it’s been picking up. As my lovely blog has gotten more traffic, and more page rank I have also had more bandwidth use, and more fees. I don’t mind any of these fees and I am HAPPY that my blog is getting success.

That being said, having cancer myself, and not being able to have the usual 9-5 job I am used to affects the cash flow. So our advertising posts are the sponsors to keep the site going. They also help for me to be able to offer giveaways when I can. Some will be hattchette and they cover those of course, but others are my own personal book collection.

So in short, if you don’t like the advertising posts I totally understand. And you can just skip right over them. They are always marked advertising. I will never fool you on that. And for the most part I try to pick sponsors that I can relate with. Like the beautiful home décor site. Or the lovely Maternity clothes I just posted. Thanks Guys!

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