The Sunday Salon #6

So it is Sunday again. And I am proud of myself I have restarted my Meme’s and I am working on reading again. I am much slower than usual and than I would like. But I will take the accomplishment where I can. And say I have started reading again and that is better than nothing. I have written two reviews, and I am working on a very good book. It is good I wish I could just dig in and read for hours and hours like I used to. But I have to accept my limitations currently. And I shall.

So my other thought for the day? I like Flintstones vitamins. Yes I do and I am not afraid to admit I am an adult who eats a kid’s vitamin. The biggest reason? I am so sick of swallowing so many pills. I used to eat Flintstones as a kid too. My doctor said I needed to take a multivitamin and I am at the point where I just did not want to take another pill. I swallow so many a day now for my medicines I just didn’t want to. So I said “what about Flintstones?” he laughed and said that would work fine. So every day I eat my Flintstone like a good girl.

So say it loud and proud I am an Adult who eats Flintstones! Happy Sunday!

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