The Sunday Salon 3/9/14

Sunday and what a week it has been around here! Almost time for my trip and I have to start debating what hard copy books I am going to take with me as well as the kindle. I know everyone is probably going “but you have a kindle why take hard copy books?” well because I don’t trust my kindle not to run out of batteries on the plane and then leave me bored. Better safe then sorry. I think two hard copy books should be good if I pick decent sized ones.

I have also decided that I like audio books (yes everyone start groaning now) because it is great to listen to them while I am doing crochet work. I feel like I am getting two things done at once that way and that is just fantastic! So now along those lines I am debating if I want to join Are any of my book friends members? If so what do you think? Let me know I honestly want to know! I also want to make sure I have it right, it seems for 14.95 a month you only get one audio book? Is that true? If that is I think I may be getting audio books from the library instead! Reminds me I didn’t get a ebook loan from the library read in time either so that has to go back on the TBR. Oh so many books so little time!


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One thought on “The Sunday Salon 3/9/14

  1. Just woke up from a bad dream so thought I would give my thought. I love audio books for workinbg around the house, doing hobbies, and car rides.

    I’ve only ever gotten one book from audible, I don’t know about there club but the hub gets them off a different site… I’ll point you that way in the morning. Love ya.

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