The Sunday Salon #24

The Sunday

March seems to be flying by and I am making mince meat out of doing my reviews I have 7 that I just counted that are drafts and need to be written. In addition, that does not include the ones I haven’t made book cover posts for, but I am going to dedicate some time tomorrow for review writing and hopefully will get those posted.

I have been reading some of my childhood favorites again The Black Stallion series, and I am really enjoying it. I have also of course been doing a lot of letter writing and mail art, you can see more about that at my Birth of a Notion blog. I am currently writing a letter to Uganda, which is exciting.

Sleep has been a very odd cycle lately. Yesterday I got to sleep around 7pm and stayed asleep till about 6am waking up occasionally in-between for little times. It was a very odd sleep for me. As of yet I haven’t been to sleep since the 6am wake up and I am flagging a bit. But that is not about books now is it? Ha ha.

Next up in my pile is some more Black Stallion books than I am going to try to connect with the Sookie Stackhouse book I have listed as the one I am reading. I want to read the book and so far, it IS a good book. I just have not been able to connect with it and attach. I am not sure why perhaps because my mind is all over the place on other things like letter writing. However, I am reading just being bad about posting reviews. Happy Sunday everyone I hope yours was well, I have been writing letters and watching silly ice skating movies on ABC family.

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