The Sunday Salon 2/10/13

So this week for me has been a major epic reading FAIL. I am only 123 pages into Daugher of York. I should be done with it by now.I actually started reading it on 2/1 and well thats kinda that. It is not that I am not enjoying the book I really am I have just found myself so busy doing other things.

I launched Simply Iveta which is the sister site to my site Simply Pasha, and I still have work to do on that.

I feel guilty that I have not gotten much done on this book and I have so many other books to get to. I am likely going to have to re adjust some of my book reading to make sure I get some reviews I am supposed to have done, done. I am however trying not to feel guilty about my slow progress on Daughter of York. Reminding myself that reading is a passion and a joy and I should not feel the pressure to finish a book in a certain time frame. If I am busy I am busy and it is not like I have just been sitting around going..La la la I don’t wanna read this book. Right?!

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