The Sunday Salon #21

The Sunday

I know my Sunday Salon is a little bit late today but I wanted to save this post till I got to do what I have been looking forward too all week, well really even longer than that. I was able to get together with my book friends from my book swap site. It has been so long since I was able to because I have been so sick, and it was fantastic to meet with them all!

I want to thank any of my friends who may see this post. THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for making today such a fantastic day for me. We talked about everything…books the Olympics my love of Thomas Jefferson (I swear someday they will think I am odd but not today!)

I brought The Tea House Fire (review coming soon) to trade in our game and I had to giggle a bit you see the person who had my book first stole another persons book but when the person who than had my book opened it she did a little darn cause she liked my book too. Well than someone else stole my book, lol she had been wanting it since she saw it in another swap and had it stolen twice from her. I have never had such a popular book! This one is worth it though!

So while most of my week was a little bit of a bummer my Sunday was fantastic. Moreover, it was all thanks to fellow book lovers. I am going to be carrying this day with me for a while.

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