The Sunday Salon #20

The Sunday

Well my Sunday Salon is pretty late. And the biggest reason for that is I decided to pretend that Sunday was not even happening this week. Mostly because my husband failed majorly at Valentines Day. I do not ask for much I do not expect big gifts and lavish this. I told him 8 times all I wanted was a card and my favorite chocolate.

Well at 11am on Valentines Day, I was asked to write down my favorite chocolate. That…really hurt. I mean seriously that he didn’t think enough of me to get the card before the day of. Or to remember the chocolate I like. I mean we have been a couple for almost 6 years and I ask for the same damn chocolate 3 times per year. It is not rocket science.

Of course, at present he thinks I have blown it out of proportion. Maybe I have. However, my feelings and I am entitled to them. So I am avoiding Sunday and I am going to be going to read now.

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