The Sunday Salon #17

The Sunday

Another Sunday has come and gone. I am late in posting my Salon which I apologize for. I had a rough weekend, and that was coming up on my already rough week. Long story short, was sick again having issues holding onto food, got hurt by some comments that were said weather they meant too or not. And someone way over reacted about RAOS and complained to my favorite site (and I didn’t get their address from there.) and the account is frozen currently. I got an email from them and hopefully it will all be worked out and my account will be back to normal shortly.

Over all my week was alright from a reading perspective. I got some books read and reviews put up. I have a blog tour coming up and I am sure you will all enjoy the guest post there and the interview. Woot. I am about to tuck into a new book about Gordon Ramsay that should cheer me up a little bit as I really enjoy the chef.

Hope everyone had a good Sunday.

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