The Sunday Salon 1/6/13

Here it is Sunday again and tomorrow is Monday. I really do not like Monday’s I am sure that is no different than a lot of people. This week has been a little bit slow for reading for me because I have had a lot of other projects that needed my attention. Some rehearsal’s and some article writing and of course real life.

I did a lot of time intensive meals this week for dinner which if you ask me go very well with book reading. Yes my friends I can make everything go in with reading ha ha! I have no idea if I am going to have enough time for time intensive meals this coming week which is why I did a bunch in advance and either froze the whole meal or the components so I can just pop things together. Freezing will lose me a little of the flavor, but I am confident over all I wont lose to much.

I am enjoying my current read The Forgotten Queen a lot. If I did not have all that other stuff I was working on I am sure I would be done already. I keep waffling on what to read next when I have time to ponder that as well. I have stated about 4 different books so far and I am not going to be surprised if it ends up being one I have not listed at all. Such is the life of a reader right?

Well that is all I have to say on that front for The Sunday Salon this week. I am going to go wiggle my hiney to some more music for a bit. 🙂

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