The Sunday Salon #14

The Sunday

Another Sunday has come, but this one is the first Sunday of the New Year. I sat back and looked at things today. The new is just another day, it isn’t really anything special other than the calendar switches over, and yet we all look at it as a clean start. Even I do. It is a fresh outlook a time when you can be hopeful that this year things will be better. I think this is a good thing, because even if it is just another day, we as people do occasionally need something to look forward to. Something to feel better about.

I have begun my reading for the year with Scandal’s Bride; I am enjoying it so far even though I am not very far into it. And the reason for that is my own personal lack of focus, nothing to do with the book; it is a good book in a series I have enjoyed so far. The characters so far are likeable and have made me chuckle. I am just full of so much MUST GET THIS DONE for everything about the New Year. It will calm down, I will settle down and things will be okay. At least I hope so!

Medically I am about the same as I was last year, nothing new. Nothing good. But it is what it is and I will continue on. That is all one can do is solider on and keep on working. I have been trying to get more freelance writing jobs and have gotten a few bucks here and a few bucks there. It isn’t much at once but it is something. And I will take it!

My Graphic Design site is slow to get going but it is going. I sold my first design on Etsy the other day which made me pretty happy. I am not sad about it though I have a scheduled give away ready on a very popular and busy giveaway site for next month. So I am hoping that will conjure up some business.

So far the New Year gives me a good enough outlook so keep soldiering on. And when in doubt I have a big enough pile of books to read that I can go and cuddle under them for fun!

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