The Sunday Salon 1/27/13

Hello again Sunday. Another week and here we have the last Sunday in the Month of January. This month has gone by rather quickly don’t you think? On the reading front this has been a very good week for me. I read three books and enjoyed each one of them. All of them were very different from one another too. I love when you can get in a swing of books that you devour and really enjoy deeply.

The first was Front Page Fatality by LynDee Walker

Then there was Covet by J.R Ward

and finally what I finished yesterday Mistress to the Crown Isolde Martyn

Not a bad week! This week I may not get as much of a chance to read as many books but of course that also will depend on how fast I manage to read them. Sometimes I am faster then others it just always depends. In other good news I finally got my copy of Lily of the Nile too! It took me two orders to get it but I did get it, even if the package was beat up the book arrived alright. For all the trouble I went through to get the book I hope it is a good one.

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