The Sunday Salon 1/20/13

Another Sunday another coming Monday. I have been bad and not kept up on my Sunday Salon posts but that’s okay as long as I keep up on my reviews I am not going to sweat the small stuff. This week has been busy busy and I am on the go go, as usual right? However I have had some hitches this week too..

I got the flu, that nasty one that has been going around. Not my idea of fun but I am finally feeling better. Of course Mother nature had to add insult to injury and WHAM got the monthly “gift” while with the flu. Talk about a double whammy. My favorite bit of the week was going to the store setting down, midol, chocolate and tampons and the clerk dead pan says “And how is your day?”.

This is my HOW DO YOU THINK IT IS face.

Reading has been plugging along I finished A Rose for the Crown in what I felt was good time for how big the book is and I loved it. Than I decided to venture outside of my usual genre’s and go for a mystery. I guess it could be considered a cozy (if your a cozy reader and it is not you can tell me) because the heroine is a normal gal not a crime fighter, and she wears high heels. <3 and so far I am enjoying the book. I used to be a HUGE HUGE HUGE Crime reader esp the Kay Scarpetta novels, I have not read any in years however maybe I need to try one again sometime. Our reading tastes change as we grow right? They can flux back too. Over at Birth of a Notion I have made the choice that I am going to post the occasional TV and movie review because you just know I have an opinion about that. YOU KNOW I DO! The only good thing about a Monday? Well this Monday James Purefoy’s new show starts, The Following promises to be..good and scary.

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