The Sunday Salon #12

The Sunday

It is Sunday again and less than a week till Christmas. How are you feeling about the holidays? How are you feeling about the holidays? Me I am a little bit depressed about it because well it frankly sucks around here. With my Grandma having passed we wont be doing anything but a simple dinner with just Mom and my Sister. It isn’t horrible, but ya know. With medical bills being as they are no presents for us this year. But that is okay there is more to the holidays than that, but still it would have been nice to have something.

On the reading front I have been doing well. I should be finishing with Mercy soon and than I will be reading probably one more book before the end of the year. Mercy is a bit of a depressing book so far. It is really good but there are a few characters I would like to strangle. Seriously. But I will try to hold my judgment till I finish the book.

Have a good Sunday.

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