The Sunday Salon 1/19/14

Hello Sunday it is nice to see you again, I have had a productive week in many arenas including reading. I finished two books which normally is not a big deal I have done it before but recently I have been so busy with so much else my reading is slower. I always make time to read at least a page but sometimes lately it has been just that a page.

In other fun news I am making my first crochet scarf. My fingers are cramped and not happy and hurt but I am seeing real progress on my scarf and I can not wait to wear it. I know it is not reading related but it makes me happy to know I am going to be getting my skills up to snuff in crochet. First a scarf and then probably a blanket! Worst of that is I want to make a Loki blanket and will probably get razzed because the colors will be Green and Gold..also happen to be the colors of the Green Bay Packers (BOOO HISS), of course one could argue that there is green and gold in the Minnesota Wild Jerseys too, right? I will probably also make a Colts colored one for the hubby at some point, ah look at me planning away and I don’t even have my scarf half done.

I am going to be starting reading Nordic fairies soon and I am looking forward to that I got it as an Amazon freebie so it will also be a good challenge book along with peeking my interest. Keep on moving along, 2014 and  me are friends right now, really I am enjoying the year. Stuff has happened and it has not been perfect by any means but so far so good and I am enjoying all of my goals and everything I am doing.



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