The Sunday Salon 1/12/13

Another Sunday and another stupidly busy week for me. I have not gotten nearly enough reading done and it is not the book I am readings fault. I am hoping to finish it today, but who knows what will happen.

Sadly we had some events happen that while not deathly or anything have been a pain in the ass. The biggest one was a pipe in the garage burst and when I walked out there was at least 2 inches of water along most of the floor. Thankfully it was a line that went to the outside and the only damage was the mess and a few of my envelope supplies. Then when trying to go to the DMV here to get some stuff taken care of what I was told we needed was not enough, always fun.

My husband who I love dearly was being a beast and in walmart ran our cart into some people in the isle. Yes they were blocking the isle but come on two wrongs do not make a right. I said I am sorry to the people as we went past, then he went and smarted off…which set off the older lady. She got loud and obnoxious and called him a rude Bastard and such. I managed to get the situation calmed down but come on I shouldn’t have had too. Also ended up not getting the veggies I was after a minor thing but really.

So sadly not much reading done, but today I am going to be trying my level best to finish my book or at least make some good progress on it.


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