The Sunday Salon #10

The Sunday

Happy Sunday once again everyone. It is that time where it is the end of the week and really the end of the weekend as well. How was your week? And did you have a good weekend as well? Mine was alright, aside from the fact that my husband brought home a bug and passed it on to me. I managed to get a few things done that I wanted to. One of which was a costume for the next Twilight convention (yes I am a geek).

The next was planning out some holiday themes for my Blog’s last night I made over Birth of a Notion, and today after I get a little bit of rest (I have given up on fighting my insomnia and am just rolling with it) I am going to be making over this blog for the holidays. I will be going back to my usual design when I am done not to worry! But I think it is a good idea to be festive! To have a little fun. If anyone has any recommendations of what colors for the holidays they might like to see I am open to suggestions in the comment area!

I was not successful in getting the husband out to see New Moon this week as planned. But have no fear I have planned a good one for Tuesday. I plan to tell him he must take me to the mall for some ladies essentials. He will never say no to me needing some essentials like that never mind I usually get them anywhere but the mall (to pricey at the mall). So here we go and tada my plan is going to work cause once we are there he wont be able to say no to seeing the movie.

So I am currently watching Laws of Attraction on TBS it’s a cute movie. I get a laugh over the British rock star and the Designer fighting over the Irish castle. I sure wish I could just up and get myself an Irish castle. There is the Irish side of it because I am Irish; there is the history side of it, because I love history. And than frankly how cool would it be to live in a castle?

Sure they are a PITA to upkeep. Expensive on the upkeep end too but come on it is a castle! Ah well a girl can dream right? So I have to laugh again now as I am writing the Lady Lawyer is talking to Mr. O’Callaghan about not being open on a Tuesday. That’s just amusing. But I have probably confused my readers now. *laughs* and I will sign off..saying again Happy Sunday I hope yours is going well!

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