The Challenge Update

I am a few days behind in this post, sorry everyone. So here is my update as I head into June on my Challenges..

So here goes my over all update as of May 1st. I have read 18,825 pages so far this year.

And the challenges are looking like this:

Over all Challenge : 55 out of 125 Plugging right a long.

Chic Lit Challenge: 4 of 6 done. I forgot I didn’t have Cocktails for three, and had to order.

Dangerous Challenge: 10 out of 12 finished, happy as a clam only 2 more to go.

Historical Fiction Challenge: Nothing New on this one yet.. Still at 4 out of 10.

Themed Book Challenge: Only one book left on this one. This challenge will be finished this month!

What’s in a Name Challenge: 4 out of 6 done. Moving on with this one.

Young Adult Challenge: 7 books of 12 finished in this one. So we are just over half way through the challenge.

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