The Challenge Report

So here goes my over all update as of May 1st. I have read 15,533 pages so far this year.

And the challenges are looking like this:

Over all Challenge : 45 out of 125 WOOHOOO!

Chic Lit Challenge: added one more book to this pile of done. So I have read 3 of 6. Half done!

Dangerous Challenge: 2 more finnished on the dangerous challenge. 8 out of 12,doing good on this one!

Historical Fiction Challenge: 2 new books read on this challenge so 4 of 10. Thats progress I say.

Themed Book Challenge: 3 out of 6 done this month. Half way to getting this one done.

What’s in a Name Challenge: 2 books completed this month for this challenge. for a total of 3 out of 6, half done. I had meant to get another read, but it was pushed back to April.

Young Adult Challenge: No New Books Read for this one from last month. But I have a bunch scheduled this month. 3 of 12 books completed.

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