Sunday Salon 7/13/14

Hello Sunday so we meet again. I can say I am not overly fond of what follows next..Monday. At any rate. I am making the best of the Sunday I can. I am feverish still but I have a lot of work coming this wek so tough tata’s about that oh sick germs of doom. On the bright side I a whole pack of cuddly fur babies and thats always a good thing. Oh yeah theres some other cuddles too. Anyways onto the book topics.

I have not gotten much of the Widow of Larkspur Inn finished this week. Not because it is not an enjoyable book it is but simply said I have been busy and when I am done being busy I tend to do other things instead of read. It isnt the books fault but my brains. That is okay though I am 5 books shead on my main goal of reading this year so I am not feeling the pressure.

Do you ever feel the pressure to read? Like if you don’t your missing or behind on something? Scary though I suppose. I used to get stressed over my goals but now I try to not be and look at it from a different perspective. Like my mail goal I know I am going to fail this year epicly but thats okay I have done a lot of other stuff. My reading for one thing and I learned how to crochet and I do that a lot!

So heres to you Sunday I am going to try to make some progress on the Widow of Larkspur Inn tonight sometime maybe while I am in the tub that is always a good place to read.

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