Sunday Salon # 4

The Sunday

Well another Sunday has come, and on a bad note I didn’t do much reading this last week. I was busy preparing for opening festival weekend next week, and getting costumes ready. Than Saturday was our cast picnic and when I got home I had to sleep. I was exhausted from heat, and staying up way to late when I had to get up early. But it was as always with festival worth it. We got our campsite which we will be setting up on Tuesday.

And than I got back on track, I finished Chosen and started a book for my historical fiction challenge. I am a good way through that and should be able to finish it today if I focus on it. Than I plan on catching up on the reviews I am behind on. So I feel like I am a little bit more on a plan there.

I am behind also on my article writing but I hope soon to catch up on that as well. While renaissance festival makes me tired when I go, it also jazzes me up. I get excited and I feel like I can do more things. Even with this evil cancer. After all if I can spend the day charming a King and Prince and thousands of patrons, why not catch up on some writing?

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