Sunday Salon 2/23/14

Sunday is here and so am I. Now some might be reading that statement and saying, well of course you are here why wouldn’t you be? Well the simple answer is according to the Viking calendar yesterday was supposed to be Ragnarok, the end of the world. So Chalk up another I survived the apocalypse T shirt for me. I still would have liked to have seen this guy show up.


But you win some you lose some right? Plus side of surviving the Viking end of the world, plenty of more reading can be done! I am specifically setting time aside this week to read. I have been so busy with other projects as of late I have falling behind on my reading, and I feel guilty about it. Not because the reading isn’t done, I mean in general the books will always be there. I feel guilty I am not enjoying my books! I have been enjoying my crafts a lot. Still time to dive in fully and finish up Must Love Otters and get some other books going. I have also decided to get some of the books I want to read..on Audiobook I know *Gasp* what can I say the red necklace sold me.


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