Sunday Salon 2/12/17

The Holiday on steroids is almost upon us, yes I am talking about Valentines day. I know I am sure I sound a little bit like a bahhumbug (no idea what you would call a valentine scrooge so, going with this lol) but it really bothers me on a whole. The holiday is really nothing but one that is designed for people to spend money. Don’t get me wrong I love a good Valentine gift as much as the next girl (although my idea of a good gift might be different from others, ie: jewelry is pretty and all but a stash of yarn will really make me happy!) but no matter where you shop you can’t escape the bombard of pink and red and candy.

Upon further thought maybe it is the Pink that drives me so batty about this holiday, anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike pink. Unless it is the story of the Pink Carnation and then well all systems are go. At any rate I have been a bit on a meh with the oncoming Holiday for many reasons this year. Which means I also haven’t done the one tradition I enjoy doing on this pumped up Holiday. I pick out a historical romance and make my “valentine read” I didn’t do it last year either. There is my overshare for the day 😉

Not to much else going on right now book wise. This week has been full of tidying up some work things and working on a crochet pattern that until I get it done as I see it in my head I just won’t be happy. My creative brain is slowly chugging along and hopefully it will start to pick up some speed soon! I was told I should walk on the wild side a little bit more like I used to. SO here I go I am going to walk on the wild side with Sunday Salon and hit send without proof reading. *Gasp*

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