Sunday Salon 12/8/13


My oh my it has been a while since I have done the Sunday Salon. It has been an up and down year and I let some of my Meme’s fall behind while I was keeping on time of everything else. So here we are another Sunday and back on the Salon. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will see that I have been on a Vampire Kick since October. That does not seem to be letting up as I am about to start reading Lightborn soon, I loved Shadowborn so I think this one will also be good. I meant to start it a few days ago but I got bogged down with work. Tis the season eh? So I will probably start it today.

Ah yes that makes me think of this season, Tis the season of harassed people. I have already gotten some of the grumpy looks from people at stores. I mean what is with that? I am trying hard not to be a scrooge this year. I know I am normally not much of a Christmas person, because well I do Yule and the rest of my family loves to sing to their savior. So I decided to do some outside decorating. Snow and all. Ah yes we got a scary amount of snow for this time of year on Friday.


I like my sparkly light up Tardis and I am very happy with how it turned out. You can’t see my candy cane garland and the candy canes at the bottom of the stairs. My next thing to try to get more into the holiday mood is going to be to try to read some holiday books. I do not usually do that but hey I went all Vampire for Halloween season why not go into Christmas/Yule stuff too.


So Happy Sunday everyone, I am hoping to get on a more long winded run once I settle in to doing Sunday Salon more again. In the mean time here is Isis enjoying the snow.

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