Sunday Salon 12/29/13

The last Sunday of 2013 and what a year it has been. Sadly I am still very sick and just ready for the whole of it to be over with. I am probably one of the worst sick people there is because I hate being sick and I keep pushing myself to try to get more stuff done around the house instead of resting. That said yesterday and today thus far I have behaved myself. I even got another book finished for the year, which I did not think I would do. Bringing my total to where I think it will stay for 2013 at 109. That is a pretty big amount for me especially since I started my goal for the year at 50 or 60 and had to up it twice and even surpassed that.

This is the first time I have taken on challenges and completed every single one and I am really rather proud of that. I will be doing a wrap up post before Jan 1st with all the titles and challenges that I finished and of course I am also now looking for what challenges I am going to do for 2014. I am likely going to do a TBR and Historical one again but from there I am not sure what else I will do. We will see! Happy end of 2013 everyone.



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