Saturday Sanctuary #9

The Saturday Sanctuary will be a Weekly Writing Post. I will ask something or give a topic. Sometimes it will be short, sometimes it might be longer. The idea is just to write! So others can read. I thought it would be a great idea for a Book Blog to do something about writing. We are bloggers after all so we must have some enjoyment of writing too! So hop on in and Join the Saturday Sanctuary, grab our link and our picture and post your replies here. Make sure you visit others blogs out there and leave comments. Mostly have fun.

What inspires you?

Weather your inspiration is to write, to read or just to be. What is it that inspires you? For me it is a lot of things, and honestly it depends on what mood I am in for writing often times it is a good book that makes my mind go busy. It is like reading another authors fantastic work makes me go, β€œHey maybe I can do that too!” and the ideas come.

I am also inspired by views. And by views I mean those of the nature variety. One of the fantastic things about living is Minnesota that even in the city you have some beautiful and breath taking views of trees, and rolling landscapes, even the Minneapolis skyline has a beauty to it.

And lately some of my fellow bloggers have been an inspiration to me as well. Like J. Kaye and her novel writing project. Watching what she is doing makes me look on in awe; she is so fantastically organized compared to me. But if I watch maybe, just maybe I can learn and change my own habits as well!

*If Mr Linky is down please leave a comment. Mr. Linky has been a pain lately*

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One thought on “Saturday Sanctuary #9

  1. I only began organizing when I began blogging. By nature, I am all over the place…lol. πŸ˜‰

    This is a great idea. I'm not sure what inspires me. Maybe that's because it's not one thing.

    Hmmmm….I'll have to give this some thought.

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