Saturday Sanctuary #7

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What do you do for Christmas Traditions?

We do not have too many Christmas traditions in my family that have survived the deaths of two Grandmas, however we used to have traditions that I loved when I was growing up. Christmas Eve would be spent at my Grandpa’s we would have dinner, sing some carols and open some presents. Grandpa would than read us a Christmas story book and we would go to Midnight Mass. Most of the time I fell asleep but I remember going to the Cathedral with Grandpa and the family for those nights.

Than Christmas day after breakfast and our own presents at home we would be spent with my Grandma on my Moms side. She had the tree in her living room with presents piled underneath it. All of the family would show up and we would all gather around the tree, and talk and share stories and laugh. Than we would eat dinner buffet style because there was so many of us. It was fantastic.

After we were all full, the parents ready for what was coming we handed out presents. The little kids got to help grandma pass out presents. As she would read the names and tell us who to go to. She liked to give the kids their own presents and we got to make our own little piles of presents happily. We would open everything and than it was time to play with new toys, watch movies and eventually happily fall asleep.

I really miss those times.

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